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Demi Lift Sticky Bra Inserts

Sale price$29.00 Regular price$36.00


Real Results

No more gapping or sagging

How to Use

Works best with tight tops and swimwear 💜


Stick the insert to your top


Scoop your chest up and press the insert in place


Say hello to ultra natural looking cleavage

Frequently Asked Questions

Instant transformation

Sweat and Water Resistant

Easy to use

Which insert is right for you?

No such thing as an unflattering neckline 💜

Ultra Lift

The Ultra Lift inserts are our bestseller and add a boost of up to two cup sizes. They're perfect for tops and dresses with lower necklines as well as triangle bikini tops.

Demi Lift

The Demi Lift inserts add a boost of up to two cup sizes and are perfect for tops, dresses, and bikinis with sweetheart and straight across necklines.

Invisible Boost

The Invisible Boost inserts provide a subtle lift of up to one cup size, perfect for when you want a little boost without too much drama. These inserts can be trimmed to the size/shape of your top!